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Please allow 5 business days for Building COI's if possible and 15 business days for NYSLA liquor permits. Liquor Liability and Workers Comp provided with Building COI's. Please note some buildings also require timed deliveries for Caterers and Rentals which incur an additional cost. Ask your building for details and please let us know in advance.
If you do not know a budget, please provide a basic range for food, beverage, staffing and rentals. This will help determine the type of food you are able to serve for your event.
Please let us know if this is a Home or Corporate Event. If Corporate, will the event be on ground level? Please provide the freight address and freight opening and closing hours. Please note: Some buildings charge an additional fee for use of freight before and after regular freight hours. To expedite your proposal, please fill out as much information as possible. If you would rather talk in person, via phone, please leave a contact number and time of day that we would most likely be able to connect with you to discuss further.
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